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The Worth Of An AWS Certification

The Worth Of An AWS Certification

There may be consistent debate over the worth of certifications in general. Just mention a DevOps certification and you’ll be taking place a rabbit gap of assume piece — from which there is no such thing as a escape. Try to get a job as a community engineer and not using a Cisco certification, and also you’ll be pondering Sisyphus acquired off lightly.

Martin Fowler does a very good job in summarizing a number of the problems folks have with certifications with this nice submit on certification vs competence. Briefly, he argues there may be usually low correlation between certification and competence, and the failure is usually is that the certification does not accurately test competence for a job role.

Regardless of the correlation between certification and competence, there is nonetheless enormous demand for certifications. A Cloud Guru provides on-line training for amazon web services certification Web Services (AWS), and the certification programs outsell the opposite programs by more than 10 times.

We see these types of constructive message very often. We also see the opposite sort of messages — when someone must receive a certification to validate new abilities so as to to maintain their job. Prefer it or not, a certification is usually a requirement for employment.

So if a enterprise doesn’t have an effective and cheap technique to test the technical competence of a candidate, but there is usually have a low correlation between competence and certification, then shortlisting by certification certainly is a fool’s errand? Quite a lot of organizations realize this, so will use experience rather than certifications in the shortlisting processes, but that is far from excellent either.

I’m going to avoid opening up the massive can of worms about failed hiring practices, and just leave it that the reality is that in many positions the only means recruiters and hiring managers filter a big number of candidates easily is through the use of certifications.

The second factor driving the demand for certifications is the partnership requirements of vendors. For me that is really a great thing, however not because it provides an accurate measure of the competence of the associate in the specific vendor expertise, however relatively it gives a superb measure of the commitment of the companion to the seller technology.

The price of achieving higher level partnership standing is commonly high, the direct training and certification costs are small compared to the higher cost of committing the time of income generating workers to achieving certifications. For me I see partnership ranges, not so much a test of competence, but quite a test of commitment.

We communicate to a lot AWS partners about achieving partnership status, and the truly committed partners are locked in an arms race with one another to get AWS licensed expertise and go properly beyond achieving the minimal associate certification requirements. We’ve seen companies get their receptionists and accountants licensed in a bid to have a hundred% of staff licensed (one other argument for competence vs certification).

These firms offer cash incentives, pay will increase and will prefer licensed candidates when hiring over non-licensed candidates.

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